Advanced character system

Astra provides Unity developers with a simple solution for enabling real-time and fully adjustable characters for Unity.

User customizable avatars

Leverage Astra to give your users a rich character customization experience. Work with an existing library of over 1000 assets or create your own.

Customizable avatars

Astra SDK demo in Unity

Kitchen sink included

Astra includes a full suite of morphing options, clothing, hair styles, tint choices, decals, and more.

Harold Dumur, CEO, Ova & StellarX

“We were thrilled to leverage Tafi’s Astra SDK. It was the only solution that provided us with an end-to-end avatar system with tons of content and in-app purchasing capabilities. We could not be more pleased. Tafi’s SDK is truly a game-changer.”

Harold Dumur, CEO, Ova & StellarX


Run-time customization demo
Run-time customization

Change your avatar's clothing, hair, body shapes, colors, and more at run-time in live builds.

Layering and eviction
Layering and eviction

Automatic asset management allows for smart switching of assets based on regions and layers making it trivial to swap clothing and hair.


Apply real-time decimation, reducing polygons, to any asset or the entire avatar to ensure good real-time performance.


Astra supports a complete ecommerce solution allowing you to sell digital assets bound to the user accounts.

Networked avatars
Networked avatars

Avatars are stored in our cloud infrastructure allowing them to be instantly loaded on any supported platform immediately upon save.

Distribute assets
Distribute assets

Immediately distribute assets in real-time without needing to ship new builds or deploy asset bundles.


Astra has a full-featured layered decal system with complete tint and blend layers supported, making makeup systems trivial. Automatically bakes back to a single layer.

Poke-through Handling
Poke-through handling

Automatic skin hiding of assets based on cloth or hair above it. Optionally remove the fully occluded polygons for better performance on difficult hardware like mobile.


Fully deform your avatars through bones, materials, and mesh manipulation. Run-time projection allows you to only need to create shapes for your characters and not create follower shapes for your clothing.

Frequently asked questions

What platforms are supported?

Windows x64, Linux x64, MacOS x64,arm64, iOS arm64, Android arm64.

Can I create my own content?

You can create clothing, hair, decals, morphables, and more using the content creation tool. For figure creation, please contact Tafi.

How does streaming work?

Assets in Astra can be streamed, over a network, on-demand upon request in real-time. No assets are necessary to ship with your build allowing significantly reduced build sizes and quicker first-time-to-boot. Assets can also be pre-fetched and distributed with your builds.

What type of body shaping is supported?

Shapes on the avatars are split into mesh, material, and rig targets. You can create your own body shapes that mix and match these features allowing a large variety of effects from simple nose shapes to more advanced complete makeovers like zombies or aliens.

Do we need to adjust clothing and hair for each shape?

No, Astra automatically creates these shapes for you at run-time. Corrective shapes can be made if you want an exact representation of the asset.

Which render pipelines are supported?

Built-in, HDRP, and SRP are all supported.

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