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In case you missed it

On Monday August 7, Unity Wētā Tools presented information about the public release of tools once exclusive to top-tier VFX houses. Presenters including Joe Letteri, Allan Poore, Natalya Tatarchuk, and Steve May took the audience inside this tech and showed how it helps artists to accelerate creative workflows, implement creative changes more easily, and produce higher-quality final shots.

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Discover Unity Wētā Tools

Unity Wētā Tools offers powerful solutions for artists working on anything from character to compositing, environments to film production. Accelerate review and iteration cycles with streamlined workflows and supported by Parsec and SyncSketch, and craft visually captivating content using state-of-the-art tech.


Discover powerful tools for artists, for work on anything from character to compositing to environments. Get started today.

Ziva VFX
Industry leading character-simulation software

Create rich, complex digital humans and creatures that express sophisticated movement and deformations that align with creative direction.

Ziva Real-Time
Unforgettable real-time performances

Bring blockbuster-quality character and creature deformations to real-time experiences without compromising memory budget.

Create any type of 3D vegetation

Discover a streamlined VFX workflow for creating all types of 3D vegetation – stylized or realistic – including design, modeling, shading, and animation.

Deep Compositing
Coming soon

Gain greater creative control of CG objects for more accurate shots with compelling effects you can edit without rerendering entire scenes.

Coming soon

A Nuke plug-in designed to create, denoise, or simply render volumetric effects in-context.

Coming soon

Build visually stunning and physically correct grooms for digital characters and creatures with full creative control for hair and fur.

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