How Call of Colors stays light with CCD

By integrating Unity’s Cloud Content Delivery (CCD), Passion Punch Studio was able to reduce their app’s download size by 70%.

Passion Punch Studio: A Unity case study

Since 2020, Passion Punch Studio has launched hybrid-casual mobile games including Braindom, Braindom 2, and Judgment Day: Angel of God, which total over 130M downloads. 

Despite their success, their content management workflow was tedious and inefficient. While building their next game, the team chose Unity’s Cloud Content Delivery to improve it.  

  • The challenge

    Supporting the development of a content-rich game by reducing app size

  • Platforms

    iOS, Android

  • Project staff


  • Engine


Passion Punch Unity 導入

A new creative direction

The vision behind Call of Colors was to push the boundaries of what could be achieved in mobile gaming, particularly in terms of art and storytelling. The game relies heavily on complex 3D models – a design choice that challenged the developers when it came to keeping the app size small.


The results

By adopting CCD early on in their production process, the developers were able to make the most out of the cloud-based asset management system to address the issue of build size. The team managed to decrease the first-time install size of the app by 70% on both iOS and Android.

Passion Punch Unity を導入した結果

Passion Punch キーアート 1

Keeping things light

CCD uses cloud storage to alleviate the weight of content, which in turn reduces app size. The Addressable Asset System stores and catalogs game assets so they can be automatically found and called at any time, and CCD moves these assets directly to players through our CDN partner, Akamai.

The team at Passion Punch Studio knew from experience that minimizing the app’s size would greatly improve install rates, so they needed a tool that could deploy content to players on-demand. 

According to CTO Ismayil Hasanov: “Without CCD, we wouldn’t have been able to develop this game in the first place.”


Passion Punch キーアート 2

Reducing human error

Before Call of Colors, the team at Passion Punch Studio used a blend of products and workflows to serve their content management needs, which was a “tedious, manual process.” 

They knew they had to find a more elegant solution for Call of Colors. Since CCD combines cloud storage, content management, and a CDN into one service, it streamlined content deployment. 

“CCD decreased the error-prone delivery of assets compared to other services and custom implementations,” explained Hasanov. “Other solutions required continuous maintenance, which takes a toll on a small studio like us.”


Passion Punch キーアート 3

A developer-friendly solution

In Call of Colors, every level presents new content to the player. Analyzing, decoupling, and bundling these assets, while serving them through a reliable network, was the challenge with which CCD helped the most. Plus, CCD allowed the developers to test different content with players on different platforms.

“We could easily automate the pipeline for creating, bundling, uploading, and testing assets through the cloud by using CCD,” said Hasanov. “It’s like a developer-friendly one-stop-shop for asset management and delivery.”

Passion Punch キーアート 4

Planning ahead with CCD

Incorporating CCD early on in the development cycle of a new game can help prepare for the demand for content after launch. Using CCD to support a live game can help development teams focus on creating content, rather than building complex infrastructure to support content delivery.

“I’d advise developers to integrate and use the CCD pipeline as early as possible throughout game development,” says Hasanov. “It would have been so much harder if we started developing our game without a plan to use CCD.”

Sinan Acar, Lead Developer, Passion Punch Studio

“CCD is an easy-to-configure, automatable content delivery platform with advanced features to use with Unity, by Unity. We’ll definitely continue using it in the future.”

Sinan Acar, Lead Developer, Passion Punch Studio
Ismail Hasanov, CTO, Passion Punch Studio

“Being a young studio with many talents, we love the way Unity made our professional lives (developing the games we are passionate about) better.”

Ismail Hasanov, CTO, Passion Punch Studio

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