Asset Store news!
Feb 17, 2011|3:0 Min
Asset Store news!

Lots of changes and excitement here at the Unity Asset Store, as our repository and user base continue to grow. Last week we reached over 10,000 registered Asset Store users.. and that's in just three months!! With the release of Unity 3.2, it's now easy to link directly to Asset Store content via HTML, Twitter and Facebook! See something cool on the Asset Store? Post a link directly on Facebook! Selling your masterpiece and want to tell the world? Tweet about it! Looking forward, we will be expanding the Asset Store experience for both purchasers and sellers. For purchasers, we are working on a system to make transactions a one-click operation. For content providers, we will soon have a back-end dashboard, giving providers the chance to check their sales and numbers online at any time. Very convenient!

Over the last week, there's been some awesome new additions which I personally find very exciting... my favorite currently being Object Cutter by Teimuraz Kokiashvili. It slices and dices meshes dynamically in runtime like a ninja wearing a suit of razorblades! Simply define an object as a cutter, another as a slice-able mesh and it produces a clean slice right where they intersect-- breaking a single mesh into multiple pieces. It works and performs surprisingly well, and also features optional automatic gory effects! Perfect for dynamically slicing zombies/players/trees/giant tomatoes. Also worth noting, VisGames has been tearing up the Asset Store with some amazingly high-quality and affordable models-- from trains to gravestones to.. what could be described as my ex-boyfriend's bathroom.

EzGui by Brady Wright puts GUI elements directly in your game.

We also have a very moving announcement: the Asset Store will soon feature packs containing thousands of motion capture files, completely free and right at your fingertips! (Get it? Moving announcement?) Derived from motion capture data made available by the Carnegie Mellon Motion Capture Library and the Advanced Computing Center for Arts and Designs (ACCAD) Motion Capture Lab, this data has been converted by the amazing Jennifer Longe to a Unity-friendly FBX format and will work immediately and directly inside Unity with any Character Studio skeleton! Thanks, Jennifer!

If you've never heard of the Unity Asset Store, you'll find it right inside the Unity editor! Just choose Window > Asset Store, create an account (a few steps) and check out what we offer! If you're a content creator and interested in submitting your work, show us what you've got!

We would like to thank all the wonderfully talented and creative people who have chosen to share and sell their content on the store, and developers everywhere who are using and hopefully finding meaningful benefit from the Asset Store! We're not just here to sell models and scripts, we're also here to create momentum and empowerment for artists, programmers, dreamers and designers who are passionate about game design.

We'll be presenting more information in person about the Asset Store at the GDC in San Francisco-- feel free to look for us there! If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to contact me! Thanks!