How game engines create great 2D games

Unity enables game developers all over the globe to create popular and award-winning 2D games. Find out what makes Unity a great choice for 2D game development.

2D world building with Tilemap, Unity Learn

2D world building with Tilemap, Unity Learn

Is Unity good for 2D games?

Unity was built on the notion that the world is a better place with more creators in it. We are endlessly expanding and optimizing our features and tools to make Unity more efficient and intuitive for creators.

In particular, we’ve made Unity’s 2D tools and features more robust and accessible. Now is the perfect time to learn how to use Unity to take your retro-modern title from concept to completion.

Here are some specific features you’ll find useful while learning how to make a 2D game in Unity.

Accessible 2D tools

Game creators need an accessible toolset. After all, who wants to be jumping out of their creative zone every five minutes to hunt down the tools required to achieve their creative vision? 

As soon as you open the Unity Editor, you have essential features and functionality at your fingertips.

When you start building your first 2D game, you’ll have several different tools at your disposal. Many of the most important functions for creating 2D games are ready for immediate use or can be easily installed right from the Editor window. 

Want to create an organized canvas for your 2D environment art? Check out our 2D Tilemap.

Need to animate something onscreen, but trying to avoid tedious frame-by-frame work? Try Unity’s 2D Animation Package.

Looking to create the next retro-inspired 8-bit platformer? You’ll love the Pixel Perfect Camera.

All of these tools are accessible directly in the Unity Editor, through the Package Manager or other menu options. If you can’t find what you need in the Editor, you’ll likely find it on the Asset Store.

Unity Asset Store

You can use Unity for the entire development process – from your brain to the screen – to create a fully customized 2D game. But sometimes it’s nice to save a bit of time on producing art, sound and visual effects for your game. The Unity Asset Store can be an invaluable resource to any brand-new game developer eager to launch their first title.

The Asset Store provides Unity users with art and resources to help them complete their games on time or sooner. In the 2D realm, you’ll find many high-quality and low-cost options for character and environment art, including entire tile sets to build out your 2D world. 

Once you download assets, you’re free to customize them or reuse them in other projects. If you decide your first 2D game is a total masterpiece and you want to sell it, you’re free to do so with the assets you’ve used, without restriction. 

All of these assets were created by experienced Unity developers. Most, if not all, of these developers started like you: curious, eager, but unsure where to start. Be sure to visit the Unity community to get inspired and jump-start your development career.

A smart and supportive community

Everyone in game development started from zero experience. As an absolute beginner, you’ll be in an unfamiliar ecosystem and have lots of questions. You’ll love what you find in the Unity Community. You’ll easily find answers and receive feedback about 2D game creation in Unity. 

In the Unity Community, new and seasoned developers alike are ready to talk to you about all things related to game creation in Unity

If you’re looking for discussions related to 2D game development or feedback regarding your current project, check out the 2D Forums

If you have a specific question regarding the challenges you’re facing while building your first 2D game, use Answers to get help and suggestions from experienced developers and Unity team members. 

And if you want to learn all there is to know about the 2D features in Unity, you can visit our Documentation page and research to your heart’s content.

Besides this, you can always find a good conversation or share your progress on the Unity 2D subreddit, or watch a great video on 2D game creation from enthusiastic content creators that are also Unity developers.

One of the things that makes Unity great for creating 2D games – or any kind of game – is its community. Our smart and incredibly supportive community has a solution to just about every issue you might have.

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