Make a 3D video game in Unity

Unity helps creators across the globe build amazing 3D games. Learn how to make your first 3D game with tools like ProBuilder, Terrain Tools, Unity VFX Graph, and many more. 

In the Valley of Gods

In the Valley of Gods

Create 3D games with Unity

Unity is packed with features and resources that have made it the most widely used real-time 3D development platform in the world. Get started by downloading the free version. See some of the amazing 3D titles that have already been made with Unity and learn what’s possible for your first 3D game.

Unity Learn FPS Microgame scene

Learn 3D and wreck some robots

Once you’ve downloaded Unity, you’ll be invited to jump into one of our Microgames, like the ready-made first-person shooter. These Microgames put you in control of a pre-built game, introducing you to many of the different valuable tools and skills you need to build and modify your own 3D projects.

Mod the FPS

Assemble a 3D puzzle game faster than a jigsaw

If you have an idea for a fun challenge but less than an hour to spare, head over to Unity Learn. The 3D Puzzle Creator Kit introduces you to simple mechanics and a code-free workspace in which you can create and tweak a 3D puzzle game.

Create your first 3D puzzler
Forest Environment by NatureManufacture, Unity Asset Store

Bring your game to life with the Asset Store

Building your first 3D game project can be challenging, but you don’t have to do everything yourself. You’ll find a ton of helpful content in the Unity Asset Store to bring some polish to your game. Visual effects, characters, environment art, sound effects and more are all ready to be downloaded and imported into your new game.

Get 3D game assets

Get to know your fellow 3D game creators

Have questions, want feedback, or just looking to chat with fellow 3D game developers? Visit the Unity Community. You’ll find answers for the challenges in your project, documentation that helps you better understand the Unity ecosystem, and forums with conversations around the subjects you care about.

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