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The virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) tools you need to ideate, build, and scale multiplatform industry applications in real-time 3D.

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Deliver interactive experiences that drive sales, provide valuable training, and solve your toughest visualization challenges.

Achieve stunning graphics with flexible asset pipelines and build complex multiplatform applications with advanced performance tools.

Man using extended reality to review mechanics of a jet engine

Meta Reality Labs

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Pipeline de rendu universel

Universal Render Pipeline (URP) lets you express vision at any skill level while still ensuring a high degree of extensibility and great customization capabilities. URP offers performance you need for demanding VR development.

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Unity Polyspatial + visionOS

Unity enrichit la nouvelle plateforme d'informatique spatiale d'Apple, Apple Vision Pro, avec ses outils performants pour créer des applications et simulations 3D en temps réel et immersives. Developers in any industry can create the next generation of compelling XR experiences by using Unity’s PolySpatial technology alongside other apps in the Shared Space on Apple Vision Pro.

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Kit d'outils d'interactions en XR

The XR Interaction (XRI) Toolkit package is a high-level, component-based interaction system for creating VR and AR experiences. It provides a framework that makes 3D and UI interactions available from input events, cross-platform XR controller inputs, haptics, visual feedback, basic canvas UI, and more.

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Programmation de scripts visuels Unity

Unity Visual Scripting helps you create scripting logic with visual drag-and-drop graphs instead of writing code from scratch. It enables more seamless collaboration between programmers, artists, and designers for faster prototyping and iteration to accelerate your VR and app development process.

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Using DOTS

Advanced performance with DOTS

Take full advantage of multicore processors with Unity’s high-performance, multithreaded Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS). Advanced developers and studios can use DOTS to tap into even more performance.

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Plastic SCM

Unity Plastic SCM is a version control and source code management tool built to improve team collaboration and scalability when building for VR. It offers optimized workflows for artists and programmers, as well as superior speed working with large files and binaries.

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Asset Store Unity

Économisez du temps et de l'argent en exploitant des ressources créées par les créateurs, pour les créateurs. With the Unity Asset Store, you can minimize subcontracting and build your project more quickly. Check out top VR-ready assets and SDKs.

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Unity and Arksen

Accelerate Solutions

Our team of developers and engineers prototype new products, services, and solutions to build your custom solution.

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Next-level tools for next-level experiences

Built-in data optimization

Better prepare your 3D and CAD data with flexible data ingestion pipelines from Pixyz Plugin. Pixyz supports the import of more than 40 different CAD and 3D file types, preserving critical hierarchy and metadata for performance on any target device.

Streamlined workflows

Tackle the biggest challenges of XR development with Unity Mars. Il accélère le développement du contenu grâce à des outils de création en langage clair, des modèles faciles à utiliser et une variété d'environnements de test au sein de l'éditeur Unity.

Extended long-term support

Build with confidence. Extended Long Term Support (LTS) means your creations are supported with bug fixes and updates for up to three years without the need to upgrade.

Témoignages de réussites

Industry leaders are using Unity’s XR solutions to level up their workforce and deliver powerful real-time experiences.


By simulating hospital designs in real-time 3D, Mortenson enables clients to interact with and optimize work spaces before construction.

SHoP Architects

Award-winning architecture firm SHoP Architects is on a mission to make the process for bringing buildings from vision to physical reality more efficient and collaborative using XR.


A pioneer in safety technology, Volvo Cars is bringing interactive, immersive virtual experiences to product development processes across every stage of its vehicle production lifecycle.

Image credit: Courtesy of Varjo

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