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  • (984967) - Android: Fixed setting Screen.fullScreen = false does not leave fullscreen mode.
  • (969473) - Android: Fixed android activity indicator showing navigation bar, and disapearing on touch.
  • (965024) - Android: Fixed possible crash with Performance Reporting enabled.
  • (980524) - Editor: Fixed profiler binary log file being locked until Editor restart.
  • (1006497) - Editor: Fixed self profiling errors in deep profiling mode.
  • (None) - Editor: Fixed "warning" profiler samples visualization in the Hierarchy View.
  • (1008911) - IMGUI: Fixed some GUI TextArea overloads incorrectly rendering as single line.
  • (None) - XR: Fixed the VRModule getting incorrectly stripped if il2cpp was enabled and nothing referenced VRModule.
  • (1014048) - 2D: Fixed Undo operations on the Tile palette where Undo changes are not displayed.
  • (1032009) - 2D: Fixed Tiles not showing up visually on the Tile palette.
  • (1018424) - 2D: Fixed "Invalid AABB" Exception occuring when adding SpriteShape controller to Scene with empty sprites list.
  • (1021441) - Android: Android: Fixed shader clip support on devices with Adreno 4x and later.
  • (None) - Graphics: Enabled 32bit index buffers on Intel GPUs starting macOS 10.13.4.
  • (970414) - Particles: Fixed MissingReferenceException errors in the console caused by the Standard Particle Shader UI.
  • (1006947) - Particles: Set up batching info for systems with 0 particles, to improve dynamic batching.
  • (1013161) - Particles: Fixed the getter for the rateOverDistance script API property did not work correctly.
  • (1017529) - Particles: Fixed LineRenderer sometimes failing to update after changing the startWidth/endWidth properties from script.
  • (1006435) - Particles: Fixed crash when using curves set to different modes per axis, in the Velocity Module.
  • (994938) - Particles: Fixed situation where particle bounds could be calculated incorrectly, when using Shape Module scale.
  • (998680) - Particles: Fixed "Invalid AABB b0" errors when ParticleSystem.Emit is called.
  • (1009868) - Graphics: Fixed incorrect normal mapping on the LineRenderer due to incorrect Tangents.
  • (1012983) - Particles: Fixed pivot offset not taking Transform scale into account when using Mesh particles.
  • (1010992) - Particles: Fixed crash when changing Max Particles setting during Play Mode when using the Noise Module.
  • (1005222) - Particles: Fixed issue where Trail would start dropping points 1 frame late, after calling Clear.
  • (1007147) - Particles: Added error when using Texture in the Shape Module that is not set to Read/Write.
  • (985457) - Graphics: Fixed GLCore API crash when using indirect buffer as rw buffer.
  • (1001595) - Timeline: Fixed Memory Leak from Animation Tracks when using AssetBundles.
  • (1011557) - Graphics: Fixed SRP crash.
  • (None) - Package Manager: Fixed issues when a custom registry URL included a path after the host name was configured.
  • (1027346) - Graphics: Fixed Android/OpenGLES Cubemap native texture not being registered correctly causing cubemap CopyTexture to native texture to fail. This also fixed Oculus Cubemap overlays not rendering.
  • (1025562) - XR: Fixed incorrect FPS when switching into VR mode on mobile devices.
  • (988019) - Graphics: Fixed depth buffer when using cube map array.
  • (1008501) - Editor: Fixed The Editor is failing to check the CacheServer when increasing AssetPostProcessor Version and adding new assets.
  • (1025354) - IL2CPP: Added generic argument types to inflated generic method names that are shown in missing method exceptions.
  • (1020262) - IL2CPP: Fixed an issue with call-by-reference method arguments not being properly preserved in certain circumstances.
  • (1019586) - IL2CPP: Fixed an error during code conversion related to a missing RGCTX entry for type T that can occur with an unbox opcode for a nullable type.
  • (995136) - IL2CPP: Improved the speed of System.Object.ReferenceEquals() method.
  • (1022765) - IL2CPP: Fixed object files in msvc response files not separated with newlines instead of spaces. Prevents long-line errors in large builds.
  • (1022755) - IL2CPP: Fixed the behavior of BinaryFormatter with the new scripting runtime.
  • (1005597) - IL2CPP: Fixed crash when calling NativeArray.Equals.
  • (None) - IL2CPP: Fixed memory corruption in threadpool code, which sometimes manifested as a crash when scheduled work to threadpool.
  • (964886) - Animation: Fixed an issue where modifying a Playable Graph playing AnimationClips in Editor would not play newly added clips.
  • (1034871) - XR: Added 64bit Google VR libraries to match the experimental 64bit support for Android.
  • (991264) - Animation: Fixed crash when you modify a controller in a PlayableGraph while in playmode.

Revision: a46d718d282d


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