Unity 5.6.2 Patch 2

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  • Android: Removed tapjacking protection because it causes touch input to be lost when a transparent overlay is shown on top of the Unity view.
  • GI: Support for per object cast and receive shadows in the Progressive Lightmapper. For Cast Shadows only On and Off options are supported.


  • (925765) - Editor: Fixed an issue whereby moving multiple objects made only one of them to move according to handles.
  • (none) - GI: Progressive Lightmapper: Fixed scene dependent issues with dark edges on charts lying near the lightmap border.
  • (919044) - Graphics: Fix for miscalculating the size of the view required for a buffer which will be used as the source for an Indirect Draw/Dispatch call.
  • (919058) - IL2CPP: Fixed a crash in QueryComponentByType when animation was used with engine code stripping enabled and there was no Sprite Renderer component in any scene in the build.
  • (913886) - iOS: Fixed Application.installMode for apps downloaded from AppStore.
  • (none) - Linux: Work around change in glibc TLS allocation behavior in certain distributions.
  • (923903) - Multiplayer: NetworkTransport.Send() leaks memory.
  • (881764) - Multiplayer: Fixed an issue with network transport host being removed with invalid host id, when using custom network connection (NetworkConnection override).
  • (923135) - Physics: Fix for "PolygonCollider2D.points" reporting "Assertion failed on expression: 'm_data == NULL'" when setting a new Vector2 array to it.
  • (886331) - UI: Fixed a regression that caused a crash of the Editor when adding a Text component to a GameObject via a script.
  • (896933) - UI: Fix for Event System not updating when the application was not focused on macOS/Linux/UnityRemote/VR.
  • (911562) - UnityWebRequest: Fix for broken audio clip when download is chunked.
  • (921259) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed the issue of absolute redirect URL not escaped.
  • (915277) - VR: Fixed an issue that was causing eye flickering in Daydream.

Known Issues

  • (927097) - UI: In order to call GetTransformInfoExpectUpToDate, RendererUpdateManager.UpdateAll must be called first when adding RectTransform.
  • (926885) - iOS: Only half of sprite is visible on built app.

Revision: a53d5f937d71


Third Party Notices

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