Unity 5.0.0 Patch 1

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Windows (X86-64)

macOS (X86-64)


  • BlackBerry: Passport device now supports landscape orientation.
  • Bug reporter: Added info about license type.
  • Editor: Android - Added the ability to configure JDK path in the Editor preferences.
  • Editor: Android TV - Added the configuration option for D-pad and gamepad support level.
  • GI: Allow higher AO exponent in Lighting window.
  • GI: Fixed inconsistent Enlighten build timings; now it should correspond to wall clock time. (Unless you move at near speed of light relative to your computer, in which case it might still be wrong).
  • GI: Users will now be warned when building scenes with Precomputed Realtime GI ticked on platforms that do not support Realtime GI.
  • Graphics: Shaders now read consistent values across platforms for vertex properties that are missing in a Mesh. We have adopted the OpenGL standard, which is that normals default to (0,0,1) and tangents default to (1,0,0).
  • Physics 2D: Allow SurfaceEffector2D to control whether friction or bounce is used upon contact.
  • Physics 2D: Allow SurfaceEffector2D to control whether the impulse force is applied to the center-of-mass or contact-point.
  • Physics 2D: Improve PointEffector2D.distanceScale tooltip/documentation.
  • Version Control: Added the "delete empty changesets" button.
  • Version Control: Added Shortcut to save changeset window.
  • Version Control: Close change window automatically on success.
  • Version Control: Now new changesets are defaulted to expanded.


  • GI: Disabled unused Xbox360 solver data generation.
  • Input: Changed Input.GetJoystickNames() on Windows to always match names to joystick numbers, similar to most other platforms.
  • Terrain: Only textures with Repeat wrap mode can be used as terrain splat textures now.
  • Terrain: Removed 'Override Smoothness' option from terrain settings. A new per-splat smoothness property is available when the splat texture has no alpha channel.


  • (672679) - Android: Always enable VSync on Android non-development builds.
  • (none) - Android: Buildpipe - Fixed AAR manifest merging.
  • (662911) - Android: Fixed back button crash on Samsung devices.
  • (668969) - Android: Fixed checkjni exception when passing array in JNI at ART.
  • (645846) - Android: Fixed crash on ARM devices when running x86 apk.
  • (668265) - Android: Fixed immersive mode when returning to activity in Lollipop.
  • (none) - Android: Reenabled SSE skinning.
  • (663535) - Android: Workaround for animation glitch with onscreen keyboard.
  • (669881) - API Updater: Automatic update from ParticleSystem.CollisionEvent to ParticleCollisionEvent.
  • (677054) - API Updater: Fixed the issue causing crash while checking assemblies for obsolete API usage.
  • (677346) - API Updater: Fixed API updater skipping assemblies in some scenarios.
  • (none) - Audio: Given AudioImporter overrideSamplerate a default value that makes sense.
  • (677613) - Audio: Fixed the "Disable Audio" option, the flag is now correctly used by the standalone player to disable the audio system.
  • (none) - BlackBerry: Fixed platform lookup from string to be case insensitive.
  • (665035) - Bug reporter: Fixed issue with submitting files when temp path includes non-ASCII characters.
  • (667598) - Bug reporter: Fixed the issue causing crash when attaching files on OSX 10.8.5.
  • (675706) - Bug reporter: Hidden files are now always included in bug reports.
  • (671321) - Bug reporter: Updated links to the new Bug Reporter (when it's started from outside the Editor).
  • (645316), (614238) - Deployment Management: Prevent simultaneous launches of Unity loading wrong project.
  • (645846) - Editor: Android - Don't allow to install x86 apk on arm device.
  • (674633) - Editor: Disable vsync for all views except GameView on OSX.
  • (647394) - Editor: Fixed the issue producing fatal error when choosing unwritable drive as a GICache folder on OSX.
  • (674679) - Editor: Fixed null-ref from SceneView when having a Hierarchy search filter.
  • (674055) - Editor: Fixed crash when compressing GI cache files with lz4.
  • (673707) - Editor: Necessity of rebuilding .meta files detected incorrectly for projects that contain only directories in Assets/.
  • (none) - Fixed performance load balancing issue in CullAllPerObjectLights that caused only one job to be run rather than many (occurred when high number of lights and low number of objects)
  • (672964) - GI: Changing directional mode in lighting tab does not force reflection probe.
  • (675113) - GI: Fixed rare crash in realtime GI pipeline caused by textures held by worker threads being released too early.
  • (658618) - Graphics: Fixed vertices being lit entirely black on DirectX 11 when normals are missing and the vertex position is (0,0,0).
  • (670887) - IL2CPP / Raknet : Fixed RPC call registration not working on IL2CPP backend.
  • (669983) - iOS/IL2CPP: Now allow the LogInAsync method in the ParseSDK to work correctly.
  • (667476) - iOS/IL2CPP: Always initialize type information before accessing static fields.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Corrected the C++ compiler error in generated code: "error: cast from pointer to smaller type 'il2cpp_array_size_t' (aka 'int') loses information"
  • (669435) - iOS/IL2CPP: Correctly write include definitions for a generic class with a const field.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed Array.CopyTo() fast path, which was doing the wrong thing when the source array was a value type and destination array was not.
  • (671995) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed List.FindAll().
  • (670763) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed a case where having throw statement at the end of a method would cause IL2CPP to crash.
  • (670763) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed array marshaling when passing an incorrect argument.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed C++ compile error in some cases when using fields with the same name in a class hierarchy.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed C++ linker error in some cases when using generic method constraints.
  • (669257) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed null reference exception when calling TripleDES.Create.
  • (676039), (671616) - iOS/IL2CPP: Handle code generation for an struct which has an array of enums as a field.
  • (671790) - iOS/IL2CPP: Implemented Assembly.GlobalAssemblyCache so that it always returns false.
  • (667476) - iOS/IL2CPP: Implement MethodBase.GetMethodFromHandle with two arguments for a non-generic type.
  • (670763) - iOS/IL2CPP: Implemented Assembly.GetName().
  • (670763) - iOS/IL2CPP: Implemented marshaling support for explicit struct layouts.
  • (670763) - iOS/IL2CPP: Implemented missing Marshal.PtrToStructure overload which takes object reference.
  • (675328) - iOS/IL2CPP: Improved support for MakeGenericMethod.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed conversion error in obscure edge case of method overrides through metadata and signature.
  • (674680), (674310) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed the problem with shift operators, resulting in problems with MD5 calculation and crypto, amongst other things.
  • (672704) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed code generation for delegates having parameters tagged with the Out attribute.
  • (669987) - iOS/IL2CPP: Handle IL code which uses one local variable as an array index more than once, with different values.
  • (673787) - iOS/IL2CPP: Handle NULL const string values.
  • (671597) - iOS/IL2CPP: Handle out and ref marshaling of a delegate with a struct that has no instance fields.
  • (670020) - iOS/IL2CPP: Implemented the use of SizeParamIndex for marshaling.
  • (671992), (667779) - iOS/IL2CPP: iOS/IL2CPP: Implemented marshaling of the System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef type.
  • (676597) - Linux: Fixed the issue which was causing crash with native plugins using STL types.
  • (none) - Mono compiler: Fixed issue with incorrect IL being generated in some cases for iterator finally blocks.
  • (none) - Oculus: Plugin initialize fixed when GfxDevice had not been Initialized yet.
  • (669387) - OpenGL: Fixed crash with -force-opengl in Windows Editor when trying to enable DirectX 11 via player settings.
  • (676079) - Physics 2D: Added 'forceScale' property to SurfaceEffector2D to allow scaling of the impulse force used.
  • (667289) - Physics 2D: Disabled PlatformEffector2D component now fully disables contact processing.
  • (663596) - Physics 2D: Fixed console warning of 'm_Effector == effector' when removing an effector inside a prefab.
  • (661823) - Physics 2D: Fixed PlatformEffector2D so that when stopping inside a collider it doesn't cause a collision for 'one-way'.
  • (663562) - Physics 2D: Fixed incorrect double-quote usage in tool-tip for PlatformEffector2D property 'Side Angle Variance'.
  • (673261) - Physics: OnJointBreak callback now has correct breaking force magnitude supplied as a parameter.
  • (675058) - Profiler: Fixed editor slowdown if GPU profiler was enabled when the profiler was stopped or closed
  • (674024) - Samsung TV: Fixed MissingMethodException being thrown when a scene was played that used STV specific APIs.
  • (676550) - Samsung TV: Fixed UEP signing for 2015 TVs.
  • (676192) - Scripting: Fixed Application.logMessageReceivedThreaded not being called in main thread.
  • (675624) - Scripting: Fixed VS / MonoDevelopment project synchronization when "Editor" was the only platform selected in plugins settings.
  • (675700) - Stripping: Fixed issue, which was making stripping completely disabled for Mono scripting backend.
  • (none) - Terrain: Base map generation in Linear rendering mode is now done in linear space.
  • (673713) - Terrain: Fixed visual inconsistency when rendering with base pass.
  • (669893), (654565) - UI: Fixed overriding/inheriting of pixel perfect status in child canvases.
  • (none) - Version Control: Set correct changeset description when renaming a changeset.
  • (none) - Version Control: Use saved changeset description when submitting.
  • (676070) - WebGL: Fixed deleting characters in text fields.
  • (669967) - WebGL: Fixed reverting to proper window size when getting out of fullscreen mode.
  • (none) - WebGL: Fixed shift-arrow-key in text fields.
  • (675095) - WebGL: Fixed WWW.audioClip.
  • (none) - Windows Standalone: Now, -parentHWND works once again.
  • (673322) - Xbox One: Lightmap files are now included in the package manifest.  They are included as a part of the launch chunk. 

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