Unity Simulation

Harness the power of cloud to run thousands of instances of parameterized Unity builds to generate training data for machine learning, test and validate AI algorithms, or evaluate and optimize modeled systems. Try Unity Simulation with free credits.

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Testez, entraînez et validez vos projets dans un monde virtuel 3D en temps réel

Unity Simulation is a managed cloud service that enables product developers, researchers, and engineers to easily and efficiently run thousands of instances of parameterized Unity projects in batch in the cloud. 

By developing projects in Unity that represent real-world environments, parameterizing those projects for simulation, and running many simulated scenarios in the cloud faster than real time, you can accelerate your time to insight.

Start Unity Simulation for free

Get started for free in the Unity Dashboard

Log in with your Unity ID or create an account. From there we’ll launch you into the Unity Dashboard where you can start your free trial for Unity Simulation. 

Avantages clés

Easy, affordable testing and validation for AI algorithms

Test and validate the effectiveness of your AI algorithms in a virtual capacity, eliminating risks and reducing costs that come from real-world testing.

Fast, cost-effective training for machine learning

Generate pre-labelled synthetic data – at a fraction of the typical time and cost of constructing and capturing real-world data.

Better systems modeling

Efficiently simulate spatial environments across scenarios and over longer timescales than other types of simulation tools to holistically understand large, complex, and uncertain systems.

Zero hardware investment

Pay only for actual cloud usage, without monthly minimums or upfront investment. Because we manage the cloud service, there’s no need to install and manage batch computing software or server clusters that you use to run your jobs, allowing you to focus on analyzing results and solving problems.

How Unity Simulation works

Create your virtual environment

Create a Unity project that represents a real-world environment using Unity Pro, our real-time 3D development platform, or work with our professional services team for project creation.

Configure your Unity project for simulation

Parameterize your Unity project in ways that will change from run to run (e.g., positions or colors of assets, scene layout configurations) and specify simulation output data necessary for your end application.

Run simulations in the cloud

Define your simulation job, get a cost estimate, and execute it on the cloud.

Download output data

Download the data generated from the simulation – whether it’s segmented images for machine learning training or results files for AI or modeled systems – to use in your end application.

Simulations automobiles utilisant LG et Unity

Un véhicule autonome doit parcourir au moins 11 milliards de kilomètres avant d'être considéré sans risque sur la route. Il faudrait des centaines d'années pour atteindre cet objectif avec des simulations de conduite dans le monde réel.

Le simulateur LGSVL tire parti de plusieurs fonctionnalités Unity avancées pour simuler des jumeaux numériques photoréalistes d'environnements réels, avec des modèles de véhicules et de capteurs précis.

Grâce à Unity Simulation et au simulateur LGSVL, les développeurs peuvent désormais entraîner leurs modèles d'apprentissage automatique à l'ensemble des scénarios et cas extrêmes en quelques heures.

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Démarrer avec Unity Simulation
Onboarding to Unity Simulation
Quels types de simulations sont compatibles avec Unity Simulation ?

Unity Simulation may be a fit for your needs if you are looking to generate training data for machine learning, test and validate AI algorithms, or evaluate and optimize modeled systems.

What is the pricing for Unity Simulation?

Try Unity Simulation and get $100 of free credit every month. You only pay for usage above $100/month. Usage above $100/month will be charged at the rates listed here (requires sign-in).

Which cloud providers are supported by Unity Simulation?

Unity Simulation is multi-cloud compatible and will be available on Google Cloud Platform, AWS as well as other cloud providers in the future.

I’m at a gaming studio – should we use Unity Simulation?

In this case we have another offering, Unity Game Simulation, that will better fit your needs.

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