Unity Certified Expert: Programmer beta exam

Prove your expert-level programming skills with this completely revised Unity Certification for seasoned developers. Be among the first to take the Unity Certified Expert: Programmer beta exam at the steeply discounted rate of only $99 through July 15, 2020.

Unity 2019 LTS

About the exam

This new beta exam is an updated version of the Unity Certified Expert: Gameplay Programmer exam that’s been redesigned for Unity 2019 LTS, and to better test the true expertise and complex tasks performed by advanced Unity programmers.

Ideal candidate

The Unity Certified Expert: Programmer beta exam is designed to test the abilities of a lead or senior Unity programmer who has five or more years of experience with advanced Unity programming tasks and has worked on a variety of Unity projects.

Stand out from the crowd

Proudly display your achievement by adding the Unity Certified Expert: Programmer badge to your website or blog, including it in your email footer, or sharing it on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to showcase that you’re among an elite group of Unity developers.

Topics covered on the exam

Technical feasibility and planning
  • Determine pre-project technical capabilities
  • Analyze project scope
  • Apply technical documentation specifications to a project
  • Determine the necessary architecture for a project
  • Evaluate code for quality assurance
  • Analyze the code’s long-term sustainability 
  • Recommend systems for development
  • Use mathematics, programming patterns, algorithms, and structures 
  • Recognize the usage of data-oriented design in Unity
  • Analyze a project workflow to determine which custom Editor extensions are needed
  • Assess a project to determine which improvements should be made to the pipeline

Exam logistics

  • The three-hour exam takes place via online remote proctor or in person (if available). 
  • This is a beta exam – you will not find out if you passed or failed right away. Your test results will help us to analyze the new test questions before we build the final form of the exam. You will receive your results approximately three months after all candidates have completed the beta exam. 
  • At this time, you will be granted the certification if you earned a passing score, and receive your digital badge and electronic copy of your certificate. 
  • Exam must be completed by July 15, 2020.

Prove your expert-level programming skills.

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