Onboarding guide: Get started with Unity Reflect Review

Ready to get the most out of Unity Reflect Review? These resources will help you bring your models into AR and VR to facilitate interactive design reviews.

Install + activate

Follow the steps below to activate your Reflect Review license. Once activated, you can reach out to our Partner Advisor Team with any questions.
Prerequisite: You must have Unity Pro installed and activated on your PC.




Sign into your Unity account

Sign in here.

Assign seat to yourself or others

Assign seats here.

Download the Unity Reflect installer

Find the installer here.

Run the installer and select plugins

Don't hesitate to consult the documentation.

Further your expertise with Unity Reflect Review

Upgrade your skill set with these insightful resources, designed for beginner and intermediate users.

Improve design review collaboration

Get a demo of Unity Reflect Review from industry-leading firm Holland Basham Architects and learn how they are adopting new technology to collaborate more effectively with clients and stakeholders.

Watch the video

Marker-based AR, presentation mode, and guest users

Make it easier to share and access models with project stakeholders and improve large model performance by up to 10 times.

Read the blog

Annotations and improved visual fidelity

The latest Unity Reflect Review update addresses customers’ most commonly requested features – annotations and visual fidelity – to improve collaboration and communication during design reviews.

Read the blog

Discover our support services

Top-notch educational services and support from Unity experts is at your fingertips – you can get the help you need, whenever you need it.

Need help with Licenses, ID Accounts, Organizations, Asset Store and other nontechnical issues? Sign into your Unity ID to submit a priority ticket to our Customer Experience Team.

Want help with projects or guidance on resources and features of Pixyz? Reach out to our team of dedicated Partner Advisors.

For all other support and consulting services, Unity offers a variety of free and fee-based options to our users at any stage of their project. Find out more.


Get the most out of Unity Reflect Review

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