How Paradyme skyrocketed their revenue with Unity Mediation

Increasing ARPDAU by 57% with waterfall and bidding solutions while maintaining player experience.

Paradyme Games creates visually compelling sandbox simulations that give players a unique hypercasual experience to keep them coming back for more. Unity Mediation has helped the studio double their ad revenue so they can continue to build impressive experiences and expand to new regions.

  • The challenge

    Generating enough revenue to grow and thrive with a small team.

  • Platforms

    iOS, Android

  • Games

    Solar Smash, City Smash, Room Smash, Fireworks Studio

  • Location

    Midlands, UK

Creating a smash hit

Delivering captivating, out-of-world experiences has been the center focus for Paradyme’s small team of three. Their flagship game, Solar Smash, gives people a break from reality with aliens and laser beams to meteor showers. Players get to try a variety of fun sci-fi scenarios with this sandbox simulation where they can destroy planets in outer space.

Solar Smash started getting noticed by the mobile gaming influencer community soon after they went live on the app stores. The game spiked in popularity, reaching number one in Google Play for Simulation, and was in the top 10 free apps globally, hitting over 100 million unique downloads.

The team saw an opportunity to grow sustainably to support continued success. Paradyme has been able to generate revenue from a growing and loyal player base so they could keep delivering new gameplay, expand geographically, and grow their ecosystem of other sandbox simulation games.



The results

  • 2x ad revenue growth
  • 57% increase in average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU)
  • Time savings from streamlined monetization tasks



Doubling ad revenue with Unity Mediation

Andrew Lyons, Director at Paradyme, says their team started using Unity’s Unified Auction when Solar Smash began rising in popularity. Together, the studio and Unity saw an opportunity to further increase their revenue with Mediation to help them get the funding they needed to create more detailed and customized in-game experiences. 

Lyons said: “We were looking at various mediation solutions when the Unity team showed us the benefits of their meditation tool. It aligned well with our studios’ needs and also allowed us to remain close to the Unity ecosystem.” 

The studio liked how Unity has extensive experience in gaming and also demonstrates developer-first values.

With Mediation, they were able to implement a hybrid approach using both waterfall and bidding. 

Lyons said: “When we switched to Unity Mediation and used Unity Ads exclusively, our revenue doubled and has remained stable as we onboard new networks.”


Putting player experience at the core

Solar Smash keeps players hooked on trying different destruction scenarios and attaining various achievements, but developing these takes a lot of time and money. With the success of their game, coupled with explosive revenue growth, Paradyme’s team of three was now able to work full time on developing their game. 

Lyons explained: “As a small studio we don’t have a lot of time to focus on mediation despite it being a significant part of our revenue growth. With Unity Mediation, we don’t need to be monetization experts as the tool streamlines the majority of the work while maximizing our revenue.” 

Unity Mediation has helped the team complete most of their monetization tasks behind the scenes and enabled them to grow their ad revenue with little added effort. Lyons adds, “It provides the interface for the network adapters and almost all the necessary work is done within the package itself.”

Juegos de Paradyme

A strong partnership from the beginning

After downloading Solar Smash, it’s easy to see how the simulations and graphics keep people engaged, which is why maintaining player experience is a priority for the studio.

Finding a monetization partner that has a track record of implementing effective ad strategies while also understanding the importance of player experience was critical for them. 

“We have received incredible support from the Unity team as they’ve helped us make smart monetization decisions for our game and also supported us through a swift implementation so we could reap the benefits of their mediation solution with little to no delay.”

Paradyme and the team at Unity have worked closely to achieve monetization success with Solar Smash, and it doesn’t stop there. We’re working together to set monetization goals for the future as the studio plans to monetize their other games as well as expand geographically to China. 

With Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) support in Unity Mediation, the team can stay on top of regulations while reaching a wider audience around the globe.

Note: The results for Paradyme are unique to their specific set of circumstances and should not be expected to be the average or anticipated results for other studios who use Unity Mediation. 

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