Unity 5.6.3 Patch 3

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-iOS : Added App Store icon slot to iOS player settings (required by Xcode 9.0)


  • VR : Updated Google VR NDK to 1.80.


  • (918875) - Android : Resources.Load no longer stalls LoadScene and LoadSceneAsync.
  • (938685) - Build Pipeline : Fixed a bug where running Unity in batch mode wasn't selecting the correct build target group on startup.
  • (none) - Graphics : Fixed TrailRenderer not recording the first position when instantiated using a position and rotation value.
  • (none) - Graphics : Fixed incorrect rendering on Metal after switching from a scene which called Shader.SetGlobalTexture with cubemap texture.
  • (938089, 944773) - Graphics : Fixed a rare crash when dynamic batching is enabled.
  • (916425) - Graphics : Fixed memory leak in Editor scene view.
  • (918642) - Graphics : Fixed a crash when a valid Mesh had no submeshes.
  • (918636) - Graphics : Fixed a rare case when shader compilation failed with error message "Failed to find parameters of a compiled D3D9 shader".
  • (898184) - Graphics : Fixed a crash when Vulkan loader was installed but no drivers were installed and Vulkan was used as the default API.
  • (906072) - Graphics : Fixed a crash when trying to use 16-bit RenderTexture on systems which did not support them.
  • (826751) - Graphics : Fixed a crash when using Compute Shader with very large number of thread groups i.e. greater than 500,000.
  • (775291) - Graphics : Improved documentation to explain when using Graphics.Blit to a Null target it may get re-routed to a texture if the main camera had a RenderTexture as a target.
  • (782380) - Graphics : Fixed an issue where by multiple display camera was not rendering after reloading the scene using SceneManager.LoadScene().
  • (922739) - Graphics : Fixed an issue where Terrain was not showing wireframe in shaded-wireframe mode.
  • (922996) - Graphics : Fixed a crash when assigning (invalid) Mesh to a SkinnedMeshRenderer from script in standalone player.
  • (922715) - Graphics : Fixed a crash on exit from fullscreen player when using OpenGLCore graphics API.
  • (733687) - Graphics : Fixed Mesh becoming offset and scaled when accessing 'mesh' property on a MeshFilter on a static GameObject and static batching was enabled.
  • (803067) - Graphics : Fixed dynamic batching overwriting the vertex colour stream on untextured meshes.
  • (none) - Graphics : Fixed loading shaders in a variant collection not loading the variants from all passes which match.
  • (921083) - Graphics : Fixed a crash when depth surface was missing from RenderTarget setup i.e. GrabPass.
  • (none) - IL2CPP : Fixed calling System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary2 methods on native objects that implement Windows.Foundation.Collections.IMap2 interface from managed code and calling Windows.Foundation.Collections.IMap2 methods on managed objects that implement System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary2 interface from native code.
  • (932981) - IL2CPP : Fixed calling Windows.Foundation.Collections.PropertySet methods that derive from IDictionary`2 interface from managed code.
  • (940906) - IL2CPP : Added an extra check for a method with a body but an empty instruction list to prevent a crash in IL2CPP.
  • (925709) - Particles : Removed unnecessary sync between main and graphics threads improving performance when more than one camera is rendering
  • (none) - Scripting : Raised MarshalDirectiveException rather than aborting when invalid array marshaling directive was encountered
  • (none) - Scripting : Avoid stack overflow from occurring in Unity liveness logic (asset GC).
  • (none) - Scripting : Fixed Marshal.StructureToPtr when a field type was a multidimensional array of blittable types.

Revision: 88d4ddf6344a


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