Unity 5.0.1 Patch 1

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Windows (X86-64)

macOS (X86-64)


  • XboxOne: The default update granularity used by XDK's makepkg tool has changed to File granularity rather than Chunk granularity. There is now a setting to control this:
    • Player Settings > Xbox One > Microsoft Xbox One Package Settings > Update Granularity. This property is set to File by default. Chunk is recommended only for games that have already been released using the Chunk granularity, which was the default prior to this build.


  • Mecanim: Fix direct blendtree editor slow down when there is too much motion.
  • GI: Made pig assert message human readable.
  • Substance: New Substance features introduced by Substance Designer 5.0 are now supported.
  • XboxOne: Lightmap files are now listed in the package manifest in the same chunk as the scene that uses them.
  • XboxOne: Updated docs to reflect terminology and tools in latest XDK, and added a section on Packaging.
  • Terrain: TerrainData.alphamapTextures is now public.
  • Physics: Report detailed error when generating collision meshes, also during asset import. Simplifies troubleshooting creation of non-triangle collision meshes.


  • XboxOne: Unity is now built with the March 2015 XDK. You will need to install the March 2015 XDK onto your development PC and use the same or later recovery
  • Android: Added support for real 16bit DisplayBuffer. It can only be enabled in PlayerSettings, Handheld.use32BitDisplayBuffer is deprecated.
  • Scripting: GizmoType enum has changed (and is updated by automatic script updater). NotSelected -> NotInSelectionHierarchy. SelectedOrChild -> InSelectionHierarchy. New member NonSelected added.


  • (None) - Android: Fixed crash on Application.Quit().
  • (655263, 663232) - Android: Fixed crash in Mono caused invocation of wrong method.
  • (None) - Android: Improved soft input dialog.
  • (678854) - Android: Fixed window buffer leakage
  • (686925, 687417) - Android: Fixed issues with soft input caused by Samsung back button fix
  • (None) - D3D11: Fixed shaders that use min16float types.
  • (682933, 680503, 681749,655755, 618912) - Documentation fixes for 5.0, removed the "Overview" link.
  • (657751) - Windows Store Apps: mouse presence now is detected by mouse activity, which is much more reliable.
  • (677960) - Windows Store Apps: Build&Run disabled when using Unity CSharp projects.
  • (676489) - Mecanim: Fixed animation events not fired for non looping clip with length of 0 second.
  • (681678) - Mecanim: Fixed crash when a StateMachineBehaviour disable an animator component or change something that trigger a Rebind.
  • (667625) - Mecanim: Fixed lost transition when importing a project from 4.x to 5.0.
  • (None) - Mecanim: Fixed a bug where copy pasted states would share the same state machine behaviour instance
  • (672866) - Mecanim: Fixed cannot rename parameter in animator parameter window.
  • (677605) - Editor: Fix crash when PlayerSettings.GetPropertyString is called for not existing property.
  • (681118) - Asset Importing: Fix importing of an assembly that contains classes inherited from generic engine's classes.
  • (674666) - Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone: Fix NullReferenceException in SerializationWeaver.
  • (677718) - Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone: Fix AssemblyConverter failing due to types from other module.
  • (681778) - iOS: fix memory corruption and crash initiated by calling WebCamTexture.Stop().
  • iOS: fix assert in corner case when webcam code is trying to pick supported FPS.
  • (684028) - iOS: fix memory leak in iOS WebCamTexture.GetPixels().
  • (673918) - WebGL:/iOS: Fix crash in UnusedBytecodeStripper on BoxCollider2D/CircleCollider2D center member access.
  • (684075) - Graphics: Fixed double-fog in deferred shading + forward-only opaque objects + GlobalFog effect.
  • (683230) - Graphics: Improved rough front-to-back sorting for opaque objects, for better GPU Z culling efficiency.
  • (677823) - GI: With continuous baking enabled and baked light, light probes stop working after exiting play mode.
  • (649888) - GI: Entering play mode while baking with on demand makes bake indication get stuck and game show incorrect result.
  • (680461) - GI: Ambient light is not shown after baked data is cleared.
  • (683277) - GI: Reloading scene makes the background darker.
  • (679115) - GI: Fix crash caused by Unity reading GI files as resource files and a certain GI file had data that looked like a header but caused a huge allocation.
  • (668622) - IMGUI: Fix calculation of TextGenerator vertices position when lineSpacing is 0.
  • (676557) - Substance: It is no longer possible to dynamically create a ProceduralMaterial using 'new'.
  • (None) - Substance: Entering play mode should no longer cause a rebuild of ProceduralMaterials.
  • (660734) - iOS: Fix HTTPs problem.
  • (None) - Windows Store Apps: Fix issues with plugins in Universal apps, removed SDK property UniversalSDK81 from plugin inspector, as it didn't make sense. Also having Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 specific plugins won't longer cause building to Universal apps to fail.
  • (682161) - iOS: Fix crash when rendering empty meshes.
  • ([679397] (http://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/www-forms-do-not-work-properly-in-webplayer-unity-5)) - WebPlayer: Fixed WWW form posting.
  • (672816) - WWW: WWW.Dispose sometimes hung Unity on a very slow connection.
  • (680421) - Scripting: Allow a component which derives from a type in UnityEngine.UI and is built in a custom assembly to be used in the project.
  • (684809) - Plugins: Fixed invalid plugin collisions, for ex., in cases where plugin is unsupported by OS, but was still being used.
  • (681448) - WindowsPhone8: Fixed AssemblyConverter error, where sometimes it would fail to find references.
  • (None) - XboxOne: Fixed a rare startup crash that usually manifested as a crash in the audio driver, sometimes showing up as a stack buffer overrun exception.
  • (None) - XboxOne: Made Mono's exception handler treat unexpected exceptions (ex: not a breakpoint) better. This should remove some instances where a crash dump was not created.
  • (671030) - XboxOne: Crash when using Clear Depth Only, support for capturing RTs of different bit depths
  • (679888) - XboxOne: Bloom artefact when using MSAA is now fixed.
  • (680223) - XboxOne: Bad image from Kinect fixed, YUY2 support.
  • (680229) - XboxOne: DOF image effect on fade sprites fixed.
  • (681726) - XboxOne: Now matches PC (deferred rendering with HDR related).
  • (682104) - XboxOne: Enabled support for deferred rendering and HDR.
  • (None) - Editor - Other: Fixed ScriptableObject assets to pull icons correctly from their associated script
  • (673701) - Scripting: Re-added a stub for Resources.LoadAssetAtPath which auto-upgrades to AssetDatabase.LoadAssetAtPath
  • (630866) - Asset Bundles: AssetBundle.CreateFromMemory with uncompressed bundles will no longer block the main thread for several seconds.
  • (676156) - Scripting: GizmoType works as expected
  • (679772) - Scripting: Fixed EditorGUI.FloatField and EditorGUILayout.FloatField unable to return negative and positive infinity
  • (672941) - Editor: Scene View content is no longer tinted in playmode.
  • JobSystem: Fixed issue where job system would create long stalls in some cases on processors with hyper threading.
  • (682972, 684020) - iOS: Add dummy vertex channel for missing shader channels when dynamic batching.
  • (685794) - Graphics: Fixed printing of some loops in GLSL/Metal.
  • (679023) - iOS: Fixed duplicate property value removal in certain Xcode projects.
  • (682258) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed a crash with StrangeIOC.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Fix a number of problems related to WebRequest and asynchronous I/O:
    • Fix socket I/O requests getting stuck in ThreadPool on POSIX/iOS.
    • Fix race condition in Monitor code that lead to 5 second stalls in Monitor.Exit().
    • Fix ThreadPool not re-using idle worker threads (lead to potentially very high memory consumption and bad performance).
    • Fix ThreadPool upper thread count limits being very low; now roughly the same as on Mono.
    • Fix ThreadPool.SetMinThreads() and SetMaxThreads() having no effect.
  • (None) - iOS/IL2CPP: Support Type.MakeGenericType for runtime creation of generic types where the generic arguments are reference types.
  • (None) - iOS/ILCPP: Do not emit metadata for generic types at compile time. This significantly decreases the size of the final binary in most cases.
  • (None) - iOS/IL2CPP: Type.GetType throws an ArgumentException now when the provided type name was wrong.
  • (683461) - iOS/IL2CPP: Correct the behavior of CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture.
  • (677402) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fix an issue with open delegates that return void.
  • (676847,680379,672199) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed issues with exception thrown from DateTime constructor, DateTime ToUniversalTime, DateTime ToLocalTime, DateTime IsDaylightSavingTime.
  • (673828,679044,681132) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fix crashes in socket code due to sockets being destroyed too early and prevent Thread.IsAlive from returning true after thread has terminated.
  • (683671,683658) - iOS/IL2CPP: Add a null terminator to string arrays when they are marshaled.
  • (675659) - iOS/IL2CPP: Cast non-pointer references types to System.Object for comparison in conditional statements.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Additional code size improvements from generic sharing:
    • Share enums and their base types as generic parameters.
    • Allow partial sharing (e.g. Dictionary is shared with Dictionary).
    • Allow sharing when the type parameter constraint is an interface.
  • (669606) - Scene/Game View: Fix the issue about cannot select objects after importing the legacy packages.
  • (685687) - AssetBundle: Fix the issue that prefab loaded from AssetBundle lost the reference to a material in a variant AssetBundle.
  • (681301) - AssetBundle: Make the error message more informative when building AssetBundles.
  • (687674) - Windows Store Apps: fix build from editor when C# projects are enabled.
  • (673862) - Windows Standalone: Connecting USB devices should no longer throw spurious warnings.
  • (672439) - Physics: Fix cases where HingeJoint settings, like useMotor and useLimits, were not correctly applied.
  • (674144) - Physics: Fix crash on scene load when Cloth component is missing a SkinnedMeshRenderer component.
  • (670879) - Physics: Report error when trying to create a non-convex MeshCollider with Trigger enabled.
  • (680505) - Physics: Fix crash when the transform scale on a MeshCollider had an axis set to zero. Request will now be ignored.-
  • (674914, 672089) - Physics: Fix incorrect bounds of a capsule collider.
  • (671974) - Physics: Protect SetSteerAngle from setting wheel angles that are bad for PhysX.
  • (681358) - Physics: Fix capsule height being incorrectly computed in sweeps and casts code.
  • (683712) - Physics: Don't allow to break rotational DoF lock by setting angularVelocity directly.
  • (671903) - Physics: Fix crash that could occur when a body had more than 64 contacts generated.
  • (670888) - iOS/IL2CPP: Use the Size field of the StructLayout attribute to pad marshaled types if necessary. This allows Marshal.SizeOf to return the correct value for these types.
  • (669983) - iOS/IL2CPP: Allow thread-local static fields to work correctly in generic classes. Specifically, this corrects the Parse SDK crash in 4.6.4p1.
  • (686153) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fix an infinite recursion when constructing generic type.
  • (686028) - iOS/IL2CPP: Do not write extern declarations inside p/invoke wrappers for methods that return a class or delegate.
  • (684417) - iOS/IL2CPP: Use the proper type for the result of the IL sub opcode.
  • (685735) - iOS/IL2CPP: Correct an InvalidCastException that can occur when setting an array value.
  • (672812) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed crash in some cases when accessing an enum inside a generic class.
  • (684147) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed support for type/method names using non ASCII characters.
  • (686620) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed occasional code generation issues when multiple local enum variables are used in conditional expressions.
  • (686477) - iOS/IL2CPP: Match the Mono behavior which allows inflated generic delegate types like System.Action to be marshaled as normal delegates.
  • (687287) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed File::Replace when destinationBackupFileName is null.
  • (685474) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fix issue with managed exceptions not being thrown by a method called by Method.Invoke in some cases.
  • (683290) - iOS/IL2CPP: Make Activator.CreateInstance work for arrays.
  • (675374) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fix Interlocked.Exchange and Interlocked.CompareExchange for interfaces.
  • (686168) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fix multidimensional array interfaces.
  • (687479, 681688) - iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed support for enums nested in generic types.
  • (None) VR: Fixed GearVR startup crash on Galaxy S6 devices by enabling pbuffer Context support.

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