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It’s our goal to elevate customers at every opportunity, honor innovation and demonstrate the real-life difference Unity users are making at companies all over the world.

Quotes and testimonials
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This is the simplest way to collaborate with us and to get some visibility on how you use Unity. Simply send us a quote about Unity’s products and/or services, and the benefits your company has enjoyed from them.

Case studies
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Our written case study process starts with a simple, short phone interview to understand how you use Unity and what it has meant for your company. Additionally, with mature Unity installations, we would schedule a longer conversation to better understand the ROI you have received from your Unity projects (e.g., higher sales and/or cost savings). We may also send a small video crew to your site to do a number of short interviews with selected stakeholders.

How Taqtile enables error-free maintenance with Unity (written case study)

Lexus drives next-gen virtual productions with Unity (video case study)

Press releases or press interviews

As part of our PR efforts, we are always looking for customers who would like to be showcased in print and online publications. If you are interested, we will notify our PR team and they will begin to leverage your story when pitching the Unity story to media. If a journalist is interested in learning more about how you are using Unity, we will provide specifics and review the opportunity with you. If it’s a good fit, we will coordinate with you to set up a briefing, which will usually last 20 to 30 minutes.

Customer reference calls

As part of our sales and onboarding process, some of our customers ask to speak directly to a fully onboarded customer to learn about their solution, Unity integration, and Unity experience. These calls are not used for marketing or external purposes, but for connecting new and existing customers who have mutual interests.

Events, talks, and webinars

We participate in many industry trade shows, hosted seminars and networking events where having a customer present their story – or network with other customers, partners and prospects – is a valuable part of the experience. For smaller events, we typically like to bring local customers; for larger, high-visibility international events, we may fly in a customer to participate in the activity.

Embedding XR & real-time 3D in the digital marketing strategies of automotive leaders

Blog/social media

We publish a blog post almost daily. We occasionally write posts where companies discuss their projects/applications or provide how-to/best practices-type information.

We also like to draw our community’s attention to innovative Unity projects/videos on social media via our Made with Unity channels (130K+ followers) and Unity channels (2+ million followers).

Real or rendered? Ray tracing with BMW & NVIDIA (social media post)

Showcasing the world’s first photorealistic mixed reality demo by Varjo and Volvo (blog)

Let’s get started

We’d love the opportunity to feature you and your successes with Unity. Let us know your level of interest in sharing your experiences.

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