Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)

With an emphasis on talent, research, innovation and enterprise, IMDA seeks to create a dynamic and exciting infocomm and media sector full of opportunities for growth.

IMDA Unity Center of Excellence

As a Unity Centre of Excellence (COE), IMDA seeks to empower creators to build immersive media solutions that improve customer engagement, business productivity and quality of life.

Building capabilities in immersive media

Under the IMDA Unity COE program, technical and business workshops will be conducted at IMDA’s PIXEL facility. These workshops will share knowledge on best practices for the development of immersive media solutions and foster an ecosystem by building up the capabilities of local companies.

Empowering digital transformation

Augmenting training outcomes

Virtual reality (VR) simulations provide participants with a safe learning environment, especially for situations that are dangerous or too costly to replicate in the physical world.

Putting fun in education

By taking learning beyond the physical classroom and into an immersive environment, students’ perspectives are broadened and their learning experiences enhanced.

Visualizing concepts and designs

With immersive media architects and designers can visualize site plans and blueprints before construction, saving costs and improving outcomes.

Bringing stories to life

By changing the way stories are created and consumed, immersive media opens doors onto new experiences.

Accelerate, innovate and transform your business

Want to become a COE Partner or connect with one? Get in touch to learn more.

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