Unity 5.6.1 Patch 2

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  • Improve Outline Editor module performance in Sprite Editor Window.
  • SpriteRenderer's Sprite Tiling behavior changed when width/height is negative value.
  • Update BoxCollider2D Sprite Tiling generation to produce cleaner shape


  • (888016) - 2D: Changed warning message "MaterialPropertyBlock is used to modify these values" to info message.
  • (903668) - 2D: Fixed an issue whereby blue line briefly flickers when moving mouse in Sprite Editor "Edit Outline" mode in OSX Metal.
  • (871871) - 2D: Added Sprite changes in play mode when using [TIGHT] texture packing and high quality compression.
  • (897066) - 2D: Fixed an issue whereby Sprite packer caused Out of memory error.
  • (906017) - AI: Added missing API for minimum region area when building a NavMesh using the runtime API.
  • (906012) - AI: Fixed an internal limitation of slope maximum of 60 degrees when building a NavMesh using the runtime API.
  • (902956) - AI: Fixed an issue where carving obstacles could create wrongly shaped holes on NavMesh instances of arbitrary rotation.
  • (886302) - AI: Fixed missing support for triangulating NavMesh instances with arbitrary rotation.
  • (905621) - AI: Fixed a regression where a NavMeshAgent with 'autoTraverseOffMeshLink' set to false would not move freely.
  • (904910) - AI: Fixed a crash happening when Warp() is called many times for a NavMeshAgent.
  • (none) - Android: Buildpipe - Fixed slow loading with OBB by processing streaming assets in obbassets
  • (900191) - Android: Dropped obscured touch events to prevent tapjacking.
  • (867891) - Android: Fixed pause/resume issues when loading with static splash image.
  • (905581) - Android: Make SoftInput not take fullscreen on landscape orientation.
  • (908999) - Animation: Fixed animating Material Vector4 properties when in linear color space.
  • (908960) - Animation: Fixed a crash when loading an asset bundle with an override animator controller.
  • (865770) - BuildPipeline: Fixed an issue when trying to build asset bundles for target other than what was selected in Build Settings.
  • (none) - Editor: Fixed 1-dimensional sphere bounds handle had no wireframe representation.
  • (888678) - Editor: Fixed an issue where the editor would go unresponsive and text would turn red ("Missing built-in guistyle", "Unable to find style").
  • (879531) - Editor: Fixed an invalid index error when deleting custom resolution in game view.
  • (none) - Editor: Fixed PrimitiveBoundsHandle.DrawHandle() not resetting Handles.color if alt-clicking to rotate camera.
  • (889776) - Fix to prevent crashes in the editor due to UI and animation
  • (908990) - Fixed an issue where plugins would only clear part of the framebuffer when single pass stereo is enabled. This also fixes VRWorks' Single Pass Stereo and Lens matched shading.
  • (891834) - GI: Avoid a threading issue, where the Progressive Lightmapper cannot find an instances when it was removed too fast.
  • (726106) - GI: Fixed "Bake paused in play mode" hanging on opening another scene in Play mode.
  • (899488) - GI: Fixed AddInstanceProperties errors thrown when baking progressive lightmapper.
  • (875096) - GI: Fixed baked Area light affecting objects behind meshes where light shouldn't be present.
  • (902205) - GI: Fixed halos display when more than 64 of them.
  • (898200) - GI: Fixed an issue where Final Gather would cause light bleeding when baking with the Enlighten lightmapper backend.
  • (875894) - GI: Fixed quality Level button not wide enough and clips text.
  • (893958) - GI: Stop Gauss filter from correcting certain pixel values in invalid regions.
  • (none) - GI: Synchronized Box Projection option in Reflection Probe component with the global setting from current Tier Settings. When the option in Tier Settings is disabled, the probe UI with show a disabled unchecked checkbox for Box Projection.
  • (none) - GI: Updated the tooltip for Box Projection option in Reflection Probe component. The setting can be affected by the Reflection Probes Box Projection setting in the Tier Settings.
  • (751629) - GI: Visible artifact when using point lights in linear color space.
  • (900888) - GI: When editing Lightprobes they can be duplicated.
  • (901649) - Graphics: Fixed coherent alpha channel importing for various image format especially formats with more than 32-bits per pixel. Do not generate alpha channel if the alpha value is constant in the source texture.
  • (879378) - Graphics: Fixed CommandBuffer.Blit always writing to the first depth slice of a 3D render target and ignoring the depthSlice parameter.
  • (898318) - Graphics: Fixed a crash and error when attempting to set color surface as depth render target or vice-versa.
  • (896686) - Graphics: Fixed a crash in Graphics.Blit() with a NULL source and destination.
  • (897665) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when using DestroyImmediate() on a RenderTexture in OnPreRender callback.
  • (871140) - Graphics: Fixed Cubemap.GetPixel returning the wrong data from a BC6H compressed cubemap.
  • (903790) - Graphics: Fixed an issue where instancing variants being incorrectly stripped away for shaders that use fallback mechanism for e.g. shadow caster pass.
  • (822255) - Graphics: Fixed Mesh (and memory) leaks when the Profiler window is open.
  • (902409) - Graphics: Fixed RenderToCubemap when using a HDR enabled Camera. This fixes prevents error message "Releasing render texture whose render buffer is set as Camera's target buffer with Camera.SetTargetBuffers!".
  • (899324) - Graphics: Fixed Texture and Cubemap Arrays only containing the first texture in Standalone builds.
  • (878724) - Graphics: Fixed UI and gizmo being rendered with the wrong gamma in scene view.
  • (901270) - Graphics: Fixed Windows Standalone player sometimes crashing on display activation when color space in player settings is set to Linear.
  • (none) - Graphics: Improve the documentation for RenderTexture to clarify the behaviour of RenderTexture.DiscardContents
  • (889652) - Graphics: Update documention to clairfy that a MaterialPropertyBlock cannot set the render state.
  • (none) - INTERNAL: Android: Buildpipe - Print the step duration in the editor log
  • (880426) - Linux: Fixed uninitialized screen dimensions at startup with some window managers.
  • (none) - Linux: Unlock cursor when switching from Locked to Confined mode.
  • (826473) - Mobile: Disabled RunInBackground on Android and iOS.
  • (847798) - Mono: Corrected an invalid C# compiler error with generic types in compiler generated code (like lambdas and enumerators). The error from the C# compiler often includes this text: "There is no boxing or type parameter conversion from...".
  • (910101, 875075) - Mono: Fixed Mono C# compiler on Windows when using "non-standard" locales.
  • (none) - Multiplayer: Network simulator works again.
  • (905335) - NavMesh: Fixed the tile carving algorithm so that it's capable of handling colinear degenerate triangles. This was causing the generated NavMesh to have a double line on polygon and was causing a trembling movement for its associated GameObject.
  • (896001) - Particles: Fixed a crash on certain Android hardware caused by zero sized particles.
  • (907407) - Physics: Do not show missing Effector2D warning in Collider2D inspector when the Collider2D is using a CompositeCollider2D.
  • (907157) - Physics: Fixed a crash when removing a CompositeCollider2D.
  • (792933) - Scene Management : Fixed an issue where objects marked as 'DoNotDestroyOnLoad' and are disabled could be deleted on scene load/unload
  • (901719) - Shaders: Fixed an incorrect shader translation to GLSL and Metal shader code from a logical OR on boolean vectors. Fixed shader compile errors on Vulkan eg "Shader error in 'Hidden/Post FX/Screen Space Reflection': '' : compilation terminated at line 141 (on vulkan)".
  • (none) - Shaders: Fixed an incorrect shader translation to GLSL and Metal shader code from unsigned divide operation.
  • (891914) - Shaders: Prevent assert failures and crashes when attempting to compile tessellation or geometry shaders on platforms where they're not supported.
  • (898850) - Shaders: Vulkan added support for vector scalar expansion constructors. Fixed crashes with errors like "SymGetSymFromAddr64 error: 'Attempt to access invalid address.'"
  • (911205) - VR: Enabled termination of Cardboard applicaiton when pressing the <- button during the splash screen.
  • (891965) - VR: Fixed iOS crash in SetTexture() with Google VR SDK 1.2.
  • (895810) - WebGL: Fixed unresponsiveness when loading cashed AssetBundles with WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload.

Known Issues

  • (916838) - Transform handles are lit and hidden by light source - this will be fixed in one of the patches soon.
  • (915659) - Crash building player if project has shaders with errors, this one regressed in this patch. This will be fixed in the next patch 5.6.1p3.

Revision: fb53d44a1e84


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