Unity 2017.1.2 Patch 3

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  • Apple TV: Added support for attitude data coming from new Apple TV remote.
  • Android - Improved error messages from android sdk tools.
  • iOS - Added player setting to specify which device edges defer system gestures to the second swipe.
  • iOS - Added player setting to specify whether the home button should be hidden on iPhone X.
  • iOS - Added support for iPhone X launch images.
  • Graphics - Improved documentation for graphics hardware tiers.
  • Shaders - Concatenated matrix macros (e.g. UNITY_MATRIX_MVP) are now changed to static variables to avoid repeated calculations.


  • (944118) - Android: Fixed player crash when profiler with GPU profiling is enabled and graphics API was not OpenGL ES 3.
  • (776875) - Android: Fixed realtime HDR reflection probes being black on older Android devices.
  • (956658) - Android: Fixed android build failing with target SDKs 21-23.
  • (934782) - Android: Fixed crash when killing the application during permission request.
  • (931038) - Android: Fixed stuttering with android video player multithreaded rendering.
  • (934841) - Android: Fixed android video player playback starting to lag after activating input field.
  • (959867) - Apple TV: Fixed icon asset catalog setup when certain multi-layer icons are missing.
  • (946958) - Editor: Fixed crash while processing input during destruction.
  • (913869) - Editor: Reduced size of LightingDataAsset when baking light probes with multiple scenes loaded.
  • (926559) - Editor: Fixed an issue where lightmaps are generated even though the scene does not contain any baked light contribution.
  • (930408) - Graphics: Fixed lights on animated rigs thorwing errors and potentially crashing.
  • (955082) - Graphics: Fixed an issue where performing an undo on a Static Lightmap Object causes an error related to transforms to be reported.
  • (944413) - Graphics: Fixed crash when creating sprite with unsupported texture format.
  • (949574)GI: Progressive Lightmapper crashes with transparent shader.
  • (None) - Graphics: Fixed GL_INVALID_ENUM error with OpenGL ES when using point primitives.
  • (942563) - Graphics: Fixed crash when certain variables of CustomRenderTexture are used in script.
  • (952403) - IL2CPP: Fixed crash when calling Socket.GetSocketOption using latest scripting runtime.
  • (943671) - IL2CPP: Fixed ArgumentException when accessing Socket.LocalEndPoint on .NET 4.6.
  • (951089) (949036) - iOS: Fixed support for fonts of Tibetan, Armenian, Braille, Georgian and Thai languages in iOS 10 and iOS 11.
  • (887019) - Lighting: Fixed issue where Progressive Lightmapper was not transmitting indirect rays through translucent objects.
  • (963866) - OSX: Fixed Editor crash when using GLCore on High Sierra with Intel 6xxx series GPU.
  • (963060) - OSX Metal: Fixed hang when using MSAA on OSX 10.11 on Nvidia GPUs.
  • (957899) - Particles: Fixed mesh particles being rendered upside-down when using view-space.
  • (957427) - Particles: Fixed crash when emitting from script and using a Size module.
  • (946356) - Physics: Fixed cloth pointer not being set to NULL when deactivating SkinnedMeshRenderer.
  • (922684) - Physics: Updated physics documentation to better explain how friction and bounciness are combined.
  • (916451) - Physics: Fixed TerrainData.SetHeights not updating the terrain collider properly at run-time.
  • (960775) - Prefabs: Fixed issue where resetting SerializedProperty.prefabOverride for one property could incorrectly reset other properties in some - circumstances.
  • (963350) - Terrain: Fixed crash when a splat texture only has a normal map.
  • (952802) - UI: Fixed tabbing between input fields not properly giving editing focus.
  • (954117) (924562)- Video: Video Clip is not played when loading it from an Asset Bundle on Windows.
  • (964785) (854484) - Video: Muting Game View does not mute video audio.
  • (964789) (937173) - Video: Fixed inspector preview not cropping video files name.
  • (946124) - Web: UnityWebRequest: Fixed POST key/value dictionary containing very long values.
  • (949038) - Web: Fixed WWW.responseHeaders returning NULL.
  • (892084) - XR: Fixed camera aspect ratio not being preserved when switching from VR to non-VR.
  • (962253) - XR: Fixed Podfile not reporting the correct version.

Revision: 249a06fbaf10


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