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获取促销礼品。限时优惠。12 月 4 日结束。
获取促销礼品。限时优惠。12 月 4 日结束。

使用 Unity Pro 可以做到

打算制作一款面向移动平台、游戏主机、PC 或 VR 领域的游戏?Unity 不仅仅是一个引擎。我们以质量为中心的专业创作工具和运营服务套件可提供从概念到商业化的服务,帮助你在任何平台上取得成功 - 只需构建一次就能覆盖数十亿用户。


Unity Pro 的强大工具(包括我们最新添加的 Bolt 可视化脚本)既稳定又高效,旨在帮助你为玩家打造最佳的游戏和游戏体验。



Unity Pro 比以往任何时候都要好,它拥有一整套旨在尽量提高游戏制作速度的功能,其中包括原型设计和概念验证工具,使像 Gameloft 这样的工作室能够快速构思和迭代其游戏概念,然后直接进入生产阶段。

通过与 Backtrace 这样的合作伙伴(一种功能强大的跨平台游戏崩溃监测和管理工具)合作,你可以对错误作出自动响应,并将资源集中在更快地交付高质量的游戏上。


借助 Unity Pro 的多平台支持,以最少的付出吸引最多的玩家。只需构建内容一次,即可部署到 20 多个平台,例如 PC、移动设备和游戏主机。专注于你的创意和游戏,而不是针对特定平台的优化。

Brian Cho, Head of Corporate Business Development at Riot Games

“我们希望能够覆盖全球玩家,Unity 世界一流的工具和平台优化可帮助我们实现这一目标。”

Brian Cho, Head of Corporate Business Development at Riot Games
Louis de Wet, Lead Programmer at The Chinese Room

“Unity 是一个非常可靠的平台,他们几乎每周都有更新,这意味着它一直在进步。”

Louis de Wet, Lead Programmer at The Chinese Room
Miroslav Ondrus, CTO at MADFINGER Games

“我们不能挑 10 个人开发引擎,让另外 10 个人开发其他内部工具,我们负担不起 - 我们需要全力投入游戏设计和制作精美的视觉效果,这才是我们的优势所在。”

Miroslav Ondrus, CTO at MADFINGER Games



使用 Unity 可以做到

使用 Unity Pro 制作的游戏


抢先在任何平台上发布任何类型的最佳游戏。Unity Pro 和 Unity Enterprise 旨在帮助团队快速制作和发布优质游戏,同时在整个游戏之旅中优化性能和效率。只需单击一下,即可获得强大的开发工具24/7 支持以及无限的创作可能性。

Frequently asked questions

Is there a revenue or funding limit for Unity Pro customers?


Do I and/or my team own the content I/we create with Unity Pro?

Yes. You fully own the content you create with Unity, even if you cancel your subscription.

Does Unity take royalties?

No, Unity is royalty free. We don't charge on a per title basis or require a revenue share model.

How do I access Learn Premium and other learning resources?

All Learn Premium content and live offerings are freely available to all users on the Unity Learn platform. Simply head over to the platform and start learning.

Can I cancel my subscription before the end of my commitment period?

There is no cancellation policy or reimbursement for a subscription. Once you commit to a subscription you are obligated to pay all monthly payments owing.

Will my subscription automatically renew?

Yes, your subscription will automatically renew with the same commitment term and payment frequency as your original subscription, unless you change your renewal settings or plan option in your Unity ID before your next scheduled renewal date.

If your subscription originally included different renewal options, you will continue to have those options while you stay subscribed.

I have other questions about Unity. Where can I find more info?

Cloud-based features FAQs

How do I get access to Unity Teams Advanced after I purchase a new Pro subscription?

After you have completed your purchase (and are eligible to receive Advanced Teams for free) you will receive an email, within a week of your purchase, with the voucher code to claim Teams Advanced. When you receive the voucher code, log into your Unity ID and click on “Redeem a product code” under “My Account.” Enter the voucher code in the field and click the button “Redeem a product code.”

Does the Teams Advanced voucher code expire?

Yes. You must redeem the Teams Advanced voucher code and download it within 30 days of purchase.

How many seats does the Teams Advanced benefit include?

Up to three seats per organization.

Where can I find more information about Unity Cloud features and other services?

Support benefits FAQs

How do I get in touch with a Unity Success Advisor?

After purchasing Unity Pro, you will receive an email from a Success Advisors with details on how to contact them. If you previously opted out of Unity emails, you can choose to opt in to receive product news and development tips.

How can I purchase technical support, source code access, or other custom solutions?

Please contact a Unity sales representative.

How do I submit a priority queue Customer Service ticket?

For help with Licenses, ID Accounts, Organizations, Asset Store and other non-technical issues, submit a ticket. When you sign in with you Unity ID associated with a Unity Pro Organization you will automatically be in the priority queue.

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