Try the ultimate data optimization tool

Fully control and automate your data preparation workflow with Pixyz Studio. Built for complex 3D assets, Studio creates lightweight meshes ready for real-time visualization scenarios.

What is Pixyz Studio?

Pixyz Studio is a data preparation tool that enables CAD experts, developers, and artists to leverage 3D data for real-time use. Compatible with any CAD format, the Pixyz algorithm uses tessellation, decimation, and healing tools to optimize 3D files. Saves time on data prep and create content that drives business.

Pixyz gear model

Explore Pixyz Studio features

The most powerful tool in the Pixyz library, Studio helps automate your toughest data preparation scenarios.

Extensive compatibility

Work with the data you have. Import and combine files from the most used CAD and 3D solutions in the industry. See the full list of formats supported by Pixyz Studio.

Powerful algorithms

Get more out of your CAD data and optimization process by using algorithms like tessellation, CAD topology correction, decimation, healing, and more.

History management

Fine-tune mesh quality on specific parts of your model using the re-tessellate feature and Undo-Redo History.

Automation that scales

Create plugins with the built-in Python API to write your own automated tasks and custom features.

Optimize your 3D data workflows with Pixyz Studio

Less time on data preparation means more time for creation. Use your CAD data to create stunning 3D visualizations. Try it for free today.



Can I participate in the free trial without adding a credit card?

Contact our sales team here and someone will get in touch to set-up a trial for you.

Is it possible to extend the free trial of Pixyz Studio if I need more time?

Contact our sales team here and someone will get in touch to help you.

I already have a Unity Enterprise license, do I need a separate license to use Pixyz products?

Yes, Pixyz licenses are provided separately from Unity licenses.

Product FAQs

Is Pixyz Studio used to prepare CAD data for use with Unity only?

No, Pixyz Studio enables you to prepare, optimize, and export 3D data to standard formats for use with any 3D visualization tool.

Pixyz 支持哪些 3D 文件格式?

Pixyz 支持超过 45 种工业文件格式,包括 CATIA、JT、STEP、IFC、PVZ、NWD、USD 及 glTF。请在这里查看完整的格式列表。

How is Pixyz Studio used in comparison to other Pixyz products?

Pixyz Studio is a standalone application for advanced 3D data preparation for any RT3D visualization scenario and comes with a powerful viewer to display numerous complex 3D data. Pixyz Scenario Processor enables you to automate and scale your 3D data preparation pipeline.

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