Unity 参加 SIGGRAPH 2021

Join us at the premier global conference in computer graphics and interactive techniques, August 9–13. Unity has great things in store, including Developer Day: Artist Edition.

Unity 在 SIGGRAPH 上


Be inspired by the work of our partners, including Sony, Lenovo, Varjo, Visionaries 777, and more. Explore technical demos of the newest artist tools to hit the Unity Editor with our technical team.

And tune in to the main stage on Thursday, August 12 at 1 pm PT to hear Timoni West, Director of XR at Unity, give a Featured Talk about Omni, Meta, Uni and all the other verses you care about.

Siggraph Keynote
Siggraph booths


We had a great time connecting with you at our virtual booth. Looking to connect more with the Unity team?

SIGGRAPH 2021 上的 Unity 会议

阅读我们合作伙伴和客户的最新故事,了解他们如何使用 Unity 实时 3D 平台打造创新和有效的解决方案,并取得丰硕的成果。


Aston Martin 利用沉浸式技术打造终极客户体验

Next-generation, photorealistic, mixed reality experiences made with Unity are transforming automotive and aerospace design, engineering and collaborative workflows, enhancing customer experience and engagement. 


  • Marcus Olson, Head of Software Partnerships, Varjo
  • Mike Leach, Solution Portfolio Lead, Lenovo 
YVR 通往新经济的大门

Learn how Vancouver International Airport (YVR) built a digital twin of its terminal and launched an Innovation Hub to drive business growth and engage the community. 


  • Lynette DuJohn, Vice President, Innovation and Chief Information Officer, Vancouver International Airport
  • Sara Oberst, Head of Automotive, Transportation, Manufacturing, and Retail, Unity Accelerate Solutions, Unity Technologies

Hear how filmmakers, artists, and designers are leveraging technology innovations to change how we interact with 3D concepts, blurring the boundary between the physical and digital realms.


  • Andrea Aniceto-Chavez, Producer, Digitalfilm Tree
  • Thaisa Yamamura, Head of Business Development, Sony Electronics
  • Ellen Grogan, Media & Entertainment Specialist, Unity Technologies
LEGO 建造者之旅:在 Unity 中渲染逼真的 LEGO 积木

Discover how a small team achieved near realism in a limited time – without creating new assets from scratch – using HDRP and the latest graphics capabilities such as ray tracing and DLSS.


  • Mikkel Fredborg, Technical Lead, Light Brick Studio
  • Paul Hodgson, Director, Developer Technology Software, Nvidia
使用 ML-Agents 在 Metaverse 中训练数字化身

Unity Machine Learning Agents allows you to study complex behaviors with realistic physics baked into your simulations. See how you can use machine learning to train a digital avatar to capture a flag.


  • Joe Mercado, Senior Product Manager, ML-Agents, Unity Technologies
构建一流的交互式 3D 产品配置器

Learn how headphone maker Onanoff and Visionaries 777 created an immersive marketing experience.

Frantz Lasorne, Cofounder, Visionaries 777
Petur Olafsson, CEO, ONANOFF ltd. 

Coming soon


Imagine automated food delivery, automated taxi services and automated mobility assistance with innovations that span vehicles, architecture and robotics. In this session, the Woven Planet team shares its challenges to test and improve user experiences of many different products that are intended to work well together. 


  • Matthew Doell, Lead of UX Simulation, Woven City Experiences, Woven Planet
  • Kieran Belkus, Senior Technical Artist, Advanced Automated Designs, Woven Planet
  • Sungwoo Kim, Creative Technologist, Emerging Technologies, Woven Planet

Coming soon

实时电影制作之旅:VRFX Realtime Studios、MiddleVR 和 Unity

Learn how real-time 3D is expanding the potential of VRFX projects with capabilities like ray tracing, creating textures with ArtEngine, and MiddleVR’s cluster rendering and camera-tracking.


  • Claudio Antonelli, Art Director, VRFX Realtime Studio
  • Pascal Achermann, CEO, VRFX Realtime Studio
  • Sébastien Kuntz, CEO, MiddleVR


We’ve partnered with SIGGRAPH to bring you a Developer Day curated especially for artists. Join us for a series of sessions showcasing tools designed with artists in mind.


Creating animated content in Unity is a first-class experience. New Cinematics tools  enable creators to deliver content using real-time tools more easily, quickly, and creatively than ever.


  • Ben Radcliffe, Media and Entertainment Technical Specialist, Unity



确保他人可以像您一样清楚地看到您的愿景。通过新的上下文工作流程,借助叠加、场景内创作工具、工具生态系统、样条曲线和 ProBuilder 的改进,加快原型制作。


  • Gabriel Williams(Unity 产品设计师)
Unity 2021.2 中的新光照功能:体积云、镜头光晕和锚灯

了解 HDRP 提供的新体积云系统,以及让美术师能够轻松模拟镜头特点并大幅减少照亮场景所需时间的其他功能。


  • Pierre Donzallaz(Unity 图形研发部门技术美术经理)
为美术师的创作提供一臂之力:Unity 的可视化特效编辑器

了解可视化特效编辑器(Unity 基于节点的效果创作工具)的最新功能和改进,以及它们如何实现更好、更强大的美术师工作流程。


  • Vlad Neykov(Unity 图形核心 QA 部门经理)
利用合成数据将 AR 体验带入生活

通过创建合成数据集,Unity Computer Vision 工具可以克服数据收集挑战,让计算机视觉应用程序快速有效地投入生产。


  • Andrew Kemendo(Unity 首席 AI 架构师)
  • Sharmila Chockalingam(Unity AI/ML 产品市场营销主管)

了解 Unity 对地形植被的最新更新,生成广阔、美丽、可信的地形。了解 Unity 对 SpeedTree 8/9 功能的最新改进、用于在 HDRP 以及 URP 上绘制大量高效树叶的新实例化细节,以及利用 Shader Graph 的强大功能在实例化细节上添加自定义效果。


  • Barrington Campbell(Unity Terrain 团队技术美术师)

Unity 为 SIGGRAPH 准备的其他节目


Organized by Natalya Tatarchuk, Unity’s Vice-President of AAA and Graphics Innovation, these in-demand SIGGRAPH courses are back this year with even more great content:

In these courses, you’ll learn state-of-the-art and production-proven techniques from Industry experts. The Unity team will deliver a technical walkthrough of: (1) Improved Spatial Upscaling through FidelityFX Super Resolution for Real-Time Game Engines, (2) Experimenting with Concurrent Binary Trees for Large Scale Terrain Rendering and (3) an overview of Unity’s Rendering Architecture.


实时播报! 公布年度最佳原创、评委选出的交互式项目名单。探寻 Unity 动画短片《WiNDUP》背后的技术美术,包括程序生成的环境资源、树叶的顶点着色器动画、动画冻结窗口和角色的撕裂着色器。


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