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After initial success, with more than 5 million downloads in the first month, nearly one-third of RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch’s player base churned due to poor device performance. But with LiveTune, Nvizzio was able to lift long-term user retention (Day 30) by 33% by dynamically customizing device performance settings on each user’s device.


RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, a popular 3D simulation game made by Nvizzio







Nvizzio 执行制作人兼 RollerCoaster Touch 团队负责人 Sylvain Constantin


要满足5万多款不同规格的移动设备的3d图形,这对执行制片人西尔万·康斯坦丁(Sylvain Constantin) 和他的团队来说是个挑战。他们需要一种方法为每个设备即时并持续地监控以及配置过山车大亨触摸版的性能,而不必重新部署游戏。更重要的是,用户购买成本的上升促使他们尽早找到解决方案。比起自己搭建一个,他们选择了Unity产品,LiveTune,可以为各种设备动态优化游戏性能。


  • 通过提供流畅体验的fps,他们避免了35%iOS玩家的早期流失
  • Android的长期保留率从6%提高到8%,提升了33%,缩小了与iOS的差距
  • 通过改进各种设备上的用户体验来增加收入机会
LiveTune 比较







“首先,作为服务器端解决方案,LiveTune更加灵活。 我们可以使用各种参数进行优化,而无需用户更新应用程序。其次,它为我们节省了所有维护内部解决方案的工作。最后,它将我们可访问市场扩展到了提升1GB内存的设备,其中许多是高收入的iOS客户,“Constantin说。

低端设备 FPS


Increased fps on Android by 5 points

Another benefit Constantin is excited about is how LiveTune increases fps on various devices, in particular on Android devices.

“Our optimal frame rate is around 24 frames per second (fps). Anything higher than 30 fps will drain the battery faster, and anything lower than 15 is just a slideshow,” he says.

LiveTune allows Constantin and his team to apply different settings, such as visual and AI, to tune fps. By experimenting with different criteria, such as MaxPeepCount and TextureQuality, they were able to find the best performance parameters for various devices.

“Through LiveTune, we’ve increased fps by an average of 5 points on underperforming Android devices. And players are much happier with the smoother visual experience.

RCT touch Android


Long-term retention up by 50%

LiveTune has directly contributed to lifting player retention by improving the player experience on Android devices. Data had showed that fps was affecting playtime and retention.

“No one wants to play a game that takes more than 60 seconds to load, and you can just see the churn going up as a result,” Constantin says.

However, he could see the positive results of using LiveTune in the data as well. The lift in Android performance was directly reflected in retention results.

“The improvement we got from using LiveTune in our live operation practices was obvious. We saw that Day 1 retention on Android improved from 35% to 40% in just one month. And we expect Day 30 retention to increase 33%, from 6% to 8%, by the end of the year.”

Constantin says that the good early retention rates will help them gain insight into what players are building with the game and what new features they might appreciate. This, in turn will help them maximize long-term retention.

“The CPI (Cost Per Install) is rising these days, especially for Android users. So, earning higher player LTV (Lifetime value) from a loyal, engaged player base will definitely improve our game economy. At the end of the day, LiveTune leads to more revenue opportunities.”

Sylvain Constantin, Executive Producer, Nvizzio Creation Inc.


Sylvain Constantin, Executive Producer, Nvizzio Creation Inc.



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